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Kansas City News

Kansas City Council Passes Open Carry Ban

The Kansas City, Mo., city council voted Thursday to ban open carry of firearms. Delivering the pitc […]

Unemployment Ticks Up To 6.2 Percent; 209,000 Jobs Added

The nation's unemployment rate moved up a bit in the month of July, to 6.2 percent, as more Ame […]

What Sidewalks In Troostwood Say About The Green Impact Zone's Success

The sidewalk outside of Wanda Taylor's house on Tracy Avenue in Kansas City, Mo., is cracking – […]

Court In Uganda Throws Out Anti-Gay Law

A court in Uganda has thrown out a controversial law that punished acts of homosexuality harshly, in […]

Caffeine Gives Athletes An Edge, But Don't Overdo It

After winning the Tour de France last Sunday, Vincenzo Nibali was tested for a bunch of performance- […]

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